Hosting and Domian changes.

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    I am fairly new to allof this and I have questions on domain and hosting issues. I purchease my domain at godaddy, I would like them to host it and be able to use the domain name I purchaesd. I am a bit confused how and of the url name will change in this process. In reading other posts it seems I will be paying once more for the domain name to wordpress? Thanks for help in advance.



    Sorry thesacredpath will be able to help you!



    You’ll need to pay WordPress $10 for the domain mapping but it should work just fine. What you’d do is log into your GoDaddy account and look for the DNS settings and change them so that they point to WordPress. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to use your domain with WordPress just fine. Have you read this FAQ? It should be able to walk you through it and answer any questions. Hope that helps.

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