Hosting from two IP addresses

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    I am trying to get wordpress up and running. I am hosting it on Uniserver which is running in parallel with IIS 6.0. I cannot modify or delete IIS because it has some critical services running through port 80. I have the Uniserver running on port 8000. Now here is the tricky part (for me at least). The web server has two NIC Cards with two IP addresses on it. They are the internal and external IP addresses. Now when I host the wordpress site it doesnt show the site correctly just the text when accessing it from another computer. I’m assuming this is because it is not resolving the links correctly. I can change the links through the settings tab with one IP address and it will resolve the links and show the page correctly however I cannot see it from the other IP address. Is there a way to correct this so the links are resolved dynamically regardless of IP address through wordpress. I can change the site to a host name instead of a IP Address but I dont want to modify the hosts table on all the other computers because I dont have a DNS. I have messed around with the Virtual hosts on the server end with no luck. Please Help!

    The blog I need help with is



    This forum is for support with the service.

    It sounds like you need support with your install so you should head over to the Support Forums:

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