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    I’d like to host contributors as guest columnists on my blog, but am unclear on the best way(s) to go about it. It is possible to give the guest his own page, with an About subsection that would always appear at or near the top of it? I want to make it as easy for them as possible. I would editing the final versions before they are published, so they would not be publishing directly to the blog themselves.

    This is all still a bit new to me, so any help will be gratefully received.


    The blog I need help with is



    Maybe someone can correct me on this but last time I checked only Administrators can write pages. I wouldn’t recommend letting guest columnists be admins and have the same freedoms to your blog as you do.

    If you are adamant on letting each guest write have their own page. Then I’d recommend adding them as a contributor to your blog, they write their article in the post section then you copy and paste what they wrote from the post editor to the respective page editor.

    I personally would make it easier and just let them write for the front page of my blog and then put their bios all on one separate page.



    Each guest columnist could also be given their own category to write in and that way if someone wanted to see just the posts from that author, they would click on the category for that author and get a list of only their posts.


    Another thing, if you use the iNove theme, under appearance > iNove theme options you can set the top navigation to either show pages or categories. This would allow it to look like each author had their own section. Since iNove also has dropdown top navigation, each author could be set up with sub categories with the top category as their name or username. Example:

    John Smith
    –About John

    There is a trick that can also be used with some other themes here to turn top navigation tabs into links to categories, but only iNove supports dropdown menus. In the following blog post, only consider the themes in the left column since those are the only themes that work cleanly with this trick.

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