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    I’m starting as a web designer using WordPress, and while I understand how to use WordPress, things like hosting and using cPanel, and managing clients is a new thing to me.

    I’m wondering how designers manage their clients? Do they start web domains under their own account and charge accordingly?

    Do they download cPanel and manage multiple sites through that or just one host website? Or do they start multiple user accounts and use one host?

    Is there a way to streamline management? What if you’re re-designing an existing site? Do you access the site remotely without logging into their account? How?

    What exactly is a reseller account?

    Are there any tips on managing multiple sites for multiple clients?

    I know this is a long list, but it seems difficult to find a site that gives you an introduction to managing sites or what it’s all about.




    Hi @springsteel

    cPanel is a hosting admin interface used by hosting providers like Bluehost for the self-hosted version of WordPress. There is no cPanel on and no way to use it with a site.

    Dealing with clients is a case to case basis. Based on my experience I always make sure that I will make a new account for each client so that I may able to provide them everything for their site during the turn over.

    For re-designing an existing website, some clients will provide you the logins for you to access everything on their site. It is a matter of trust so you have to take care about that. Some will give you the designing and programming but when it comes to databases they will make it from their side and give you limited access only.

    Time management is the KEY on everything. Always set a timeline on every website you are managing.

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