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Hosting mp3s?

  1. Hi all,

    I want to play my own music using the [audio] technique, but any recommendations where I can host the mp3s (these will be long 60min mixes), and link to them so they play on the player?


  2. If it's your own music (i.e. you're playing it) then you can save the file as an mp3, and load it up at, and do an [audio] link to your playlist there. You can try submitting new music to as well - you might pick up some new fans.

    If it's not your music, i.e. it's commercial music, which is released by a record company, then you'll run into copyright issues if you follow that path.

    Two of the best routes for playing commercial music in are through and, although they work slightly differently. See this explanation for details:

  3. Thx - Checked out musicwebtown and is all good. Only issue is it only allows files uploaded for 40mb which is around 30mins of mixing for a standard mix.

    Do you know of any larger sites or anyone else?

  4. mediafire ? mediamax ?

  5. Hotlinkfiles is nice. They have a free service and a few different pay levels of service.
    Their link is in a button under my Blog Catalog box in my sidebar.

  6. nice guide there energetic

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