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    I sent this question in to WordPress via e-mail, and have yet to receive a reply. I’d just like to see how you guys feel about my problem. I run an sports blog (NFL Draft) called and recently I’ve been frustrated with my host. We don’t drawl a lot of traffic from May to about November (anywhere from 100-1000 per month), but last year we have had problems with bandwidth. The traffic in January and until April picks up significantly, and we would have 5,000 or 6,000 hits on a good day. Without further ado, here’s my questions:

    Would I be better off hosting my site on (just starting like a normal blog), then having my users be redirected to there when they access

    Are there bandwidth restrictions (or any restrictions for that matter) on when hosting a blog on Also, would I be able to run Google Ads on the site?

    Thanks in advance!



    I don’t believe there are bandwidth restrictions here.

    Your best bet would be to get your current domain registrar to re-point your nameservers for your domain to those of Bear in mind that there is a small annual fee for this service I believe.

    Your big sticking point is that currently it’s a no to Adsense. You could search the forum or the FAQ for more information on Adsense and other advertising services.


    Thanks a lot for your reply, really appreciate it. Guess I’ll just see if I can locate a different host then.



    No worries. Have a look over at for a list of suggested hosts.


    Definitely, again thanks a bunch. Just deleted my blog, to me it just pays to pay a yearly fee to have everything on a host than pay a yearly fee just to have it redirected to wordpress.

    Again, thanks cornell, it’s rare you go to a forum and get replies so quickly.



    Hey, no problem. It’s what we’re here for. As it happens, I agree with you. I pay for hosting for my main blog over which I have complete control. I have a couple of blogs here too though. It’s free if you don’t want any of the optional Gucci bits. Good luck in your search for a new host!

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