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Hosting Question

  1. So I have kind of rookie question. I created a free blog and was wondering if I did one of the hosting options that supports WordPress from here: ... would I be able to run adsense and ads without having to share the revenue 50/50? It says something about installing wordpress though, does that mean I can't use it via the website like I am currently doing now? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, you can run AdSense on a self-hosted blog. In that case the revenue is all yours.

  3. Any suggestions on which one to use, or are they all pretty much the same?

  4. Allow me to clarify: you can't run ads on a WordPress.COM blog like the one you have unless you have the AdControl upgrade. You can add them to a WordPress.ORG blog, provided your host allows them.

    Hosting suggestions have to be found over at WordPress.ORG, as everyone here has by definition chosen WordPress.COM.

  5. Is there anyway to convert my blog here at over to

  6. You can export your content from here and then import it into a self-hosted wordpress blog, yes.

  7. You can't "convert" a WordPress.COM blog as such - you can Export the contents of a WordPress.COM blog and Import it into your own WordPress.ORG site.

  8. Alright, so if I buy a domain, download and install the wordpress software from and follow those instructions... I can then export the contents over from to the new Does the template and everything come with it, or just the articles and images?

  9. On hosts, do some googling for hosting reviews and ratings, and remember you get what you pay for. That said, I've had issues with all the most popular at one time or another, but I would still recommend them as my overall experience with them has been good. Just some rough spots here and there.

    Also, do remember that the bulk of people doing ads on blogs and such don't make a lot of money. In my experience with my clients over the years, in the best times it pays for the hosting, but for most, it doesn't cover the whole cost, just part of it. Then again it depends of your readership demographics. Some audiences are more likely to click on ads than others.

  10. No, the template does not come over, but most of the themes here are also available for wordpress.ORG blogs from http://wordpress.ORG/extend/themes/ . You are currently using iNove, and that is definitely available over there for download.

    When you import to the new blog, during the process you will be given the opportunity to have wordpress also transfer any images/media.

  11. Alright awesome. Thanks for the help guys.

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