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    I want to use WordPress for my website (currently with Serif). is it possible to have WordPress host a site? How do I start?


    Member can host your site (it’s what they do), but it’s not as simple as just moving what you currently have. WordPress runs on its own software and I don’t believe there’s a way to import from a Serif-created site directly.

    You would need to set up a new site on and probably copy and paste your content into the new system.

    All the instructions on setting up a new site can be found here

    I’m guessing that you would like to continue using your current domain (address). If so you will need to point people to the new site by following the instructions found here.



    Thank you for your help.
    I have 2 websites, both using Serif software. As I am a Mac user by preference, I want to move away. One site has a ‘’ domain and hosted externally but my private site is other hosted by serif and is a ‘’ I guess I will need a new address (?domain) for this. Is this correct?



    There is another thing we should probably clear up; the name WordPress denotes two different things: (where we are) is the hosting service. You use the software/themes/plugins which the service provides. is where you can download the WordPress software to run on web hosting that you have acquired. vs. .org
    You can point the site so that whoever goes there gets pointed to your site or you could install software on the host you are currently using. is generally simpler but more limited, whereas a .org software installation offers nearly unlimited flexibility but requires more technical skill.
    As for the site, you could probably have it point to a WordPress site, but I’m guessing you’d still have to pay them for hosting which you wouldn’t be using any more. Probably better off moving that one.



    Thank you. I think I understand now the possibilities & differences between the ‘.com’ and ‘.org’.
    I will work out what needs to be done with each site.
    Thank you for your patient explanation.

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