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    I set up a blog simply by logging into WordPress. It seems to work (though there are many bugs – e.g. “Categories” and “Text Widgets” only work occasionally and the first page of every Documentation page is garbled). Are these bugs because I did nothing about “hosting” WordPress? Do I need to pay attention to hosting or is it OK to just log in and start blogging?



    Need specifics please. Like links and specifics as to what you’re looking at. Browser, browser version, and OS would help as well.


    i want to join adsense but they keep rejecting my blog saying that my site is dowm,what is the cause?


    adsene and advertising is not allowed on blogs

    if you want to make money from blog advertising you need to hire a webhost and download different software for the regular version of wordpress from



    Or use a different free host which allows you to make money via AdSense and affiliate codes…..I’m not going to mention names, but they do exist.

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