Hosting WordPress sites without costly and time-consuming tech maintenance

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    Hi all, WordPress newbie and first post, and looking forward to being a part of the community. Hope you can help me with a simple introductory question.

    I have 3 simple websites to launch for organizations that will each have:
    1) About page – simple information about the org
    2) Events with the ability to sell Event tickets
    3) Past Events with photos
    4) Blog

    I don’t mind reasonable monthly fees so long as I don’t have to invest in costly and time-consuming tech maintenance.

    Robust SEO and eCommerce aren’t necessary for these sites, though at a later stage I may want to add:
    1) Ability to sell a few eCommerce items (just a few) related to the organization
    2) Ability to earn affiliate marketing revenue from listing event tickets for sale from partner organizations

    What’s the cheapest way to build and host these sites, such that I don’t have to do any time consuming and costly regular tech maintenance? I’m comparing to web creation sites like Weebly and Wix, where there is no tech maintenance and it’s very easy and quick to get setup.



    At you cannot sell items you yourself do not produce unless you have the $300 a year business upgrade.

    I think what you need is hosting at an external site and software from WordPress.ORG, which comes at a minimum of $120 a year plus domain cost plus theme cost.



    Thanks Raincoaster, however, I don’t want to have to perform or pay someone to perform regular maintenance and upgrades. What you save upfront with looks like it will cost you a lot of time, money and effort over time. I’m a newbie, so please correct me if I’m wrong. I want to focus on my groups and content, not on tech support for maintenance and upgrades.

    These sites are for professional organizations where only few different items need to be sold, including anywhere from 50-200 tickets for the organization’s monthly events and some branded items for the organization like T-shirts or notebooks, etc.

    It would seem very short-sighted of WordPress to charge so much for a simple site which only has an About page, Upcoming Events page with ability to buy tickets, Past Events page and Team/Leadership Page. One could easily set up such a site with Weebly with the ability to sell monthly event tickets and some branded items and host at low monthly cost with no maintenance and upgrades to worry about. I’d be surprised if WordPress doesn’t have a cost effective solution for this.



    Have you considered that what you want may be impossible at the price point you demand?



    Thanks Raincoaster. You shouldn’t make assumptions about the price point – I’m just looking to minimize maintenance over time – I’d like to focus on the groups, events and content and not on constant site maintenance. How much tech maintenance does a fairly simple site like I described above, hosted at a quality WP host, require in time/expense?

    The advantage of WP can be its disadvantage – there’s such a large community, so many plug-ins and capabilities and so much information out there that it can add to the complexity.

    I need to build these sites quickly and would like to be able to maintain them without time-consuming monthly tech maintenance, so trying to get a handle on how much maintenance they would require.

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