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    Six Apart offers hosting. I’m sure you’re aware of this fact. ;-)

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before… Why not host the software that’s available for download at And offer phone support and consults for extra bucks.



    Are you talking to the users here in the forum, or Sending a Feedback might be an easier way to reach the latter.



    This is a suggestion to the high and mighty at WordPress. Why not offer premium hosting that costs money? And for an extra charge offer phone support and consulting? If you want to use the software that you download from you must currently go to a third party for web hosting.

    Sorry, I shouldn’t have listed Support as a tag.



    I must currently go to a third party for web hosting if I want to use WordPress 2.0.5. That’s what I meant to say. WordPress should offer hosting of WordPress 2.0.5 and charge money for the service.



    Six Apart doesn’t do any hosting for Movable Type, they send people other places. We do the same, and have no plans to become a web host at any time in the future.



    Six Apart doesn’t do hosting for TypePad Pro? $149 per year?


    typepad != movable type.

    i believe (having not used the insanely expensive service) that typepad is to movable type what wordpress MU is to wordpress.



    I thought that Typepad was their own hosted version myself. At least that’s how I read their website. Their company name and information is all over the typepad pages as well. I’m also looking at their wikipedia page.

    They don’t do any hosting for other installs though which I think is the issue that Matt is saying. Typepad is SixApart’s I would think.

    Automattic does do phone and tech support. See here for details.


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