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    I purchased a .com through wordpress, under the same login for a blog. I am looking to purchase a theme for the .com site, and I am wondering if A. I need to find a 3rd Party Host for the .com, and B. because the .com is under the site I am having issues uploading a theme?

    I am particularly “green” when it comes to this stuff.
    Since purchasing a .com through wordpress do I still need a separate hosting site?
    Does my .com need to be separate from my to work properly?

    I could really use a HUG!
    Blog url:



    Hi Jessica,

    It looks like you purchased your domain through us just fine, and assuming you want it to show the blog currently at, you now just need to map it so that it connects with your blog.

    You will find instructions on how to do this at

    If you no longer want your blog to be hosted here at, you can certainly find third-party hosting and use the domain that you registered here.
    Information on that is at

    You might also find the explanation of the differences between and helpful:

    Let us know if you have other questions.

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