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    Just to warn you, I’m not sure exactly how to ask this question. I had a blog set up (was just choosing themes, names, etc.) at I decided to apply my domain ( and I think I successfully mapped that domain name. I can see it in my account. But I no longer see the current work I’ve done on that blog. I see previous theme (no content because there was none). I am seeing the old blog (from before I mapped the domain and fully set up the blog) when I go to Note: the blog is set to private because it isn’t yet functional.

    Am I now supposed to manage the blog through now and not by logging in to WordPress?

    The blog I need help with is


    Moderator is not hosted on is hosted on, however, if it were mapped successfully, it would be appearing on

    Did you follow the steps in this Support doc for mapping your existing domain following the confirmed purchase of the upgrade?

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