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Hot Posts is a little too hot.

  1. suburbanbanshee

    Is there any way to change the dashboard so we won't have to see the "Hot Posts"? I don't think I'm a prude, but I surely don't have any interest in seeing the words Britney, Spears, and Crotch over and over again. Especially not as the first thing I see when I log in...

    Okay, this is weird. When I logged in, it was ten postings of Crotch. Now, only one. You guys must be on the ball against spam or something.

    But my question stands, 'cause the situation will obviously come up again.

  2. You are not alone. My policy is to add to my personal black list (bottoms down) every wordpress blogger, who has benefited from this kind of link whoring and to be sure *NOT* to visit their blogs or to promote their blogs in any way.
    I ascribe zero credibility to the "top" labels. And I have repeatedly asked to have the "top" posts and "top" blogs lists removed from my dashboard.

  3. No doubt. This is a truly useless feature on WordPress, and seems only to invite abuse. Frankly, I'd rather have the ability to search by tag than to have that crummy tag "surfer" thing. I'd love to just be able to enter "experimental music" and see what pops up. As is, I have to go to Technorati, and then sort through every moronic MySpace blog that pops up.

  4. Agreed.

  5. @startlingmoniker
    You've probably tried to use google blog search to find "experimental music" and found it lacking, right?
    Well at least it does seem to have entries aside from those at myspace.

  6. It's raining hailing with electrical storms. I'm not going out in the forest right now. I'm going to do this in a reasoned considered manner in my own good time. Do I title it something such as 'Branch Angle Architecture" because of the blacklisting potential of 'Crotch Shots'?

  7. @forestneeds
    ***kisses*** I do love your sense of humour ... lol ;)

  8. Timethief, you knew I was like that when you started reading me. To abandon me now only seems inconsistent; I was always hitwhorish!

    I'm so hurt!

  9. @taincoaster
    We all have our exceptions, rain. You're mine so be of good cheer. ;)

  10. I think what brings RC and I together is our hitwhorishness.

  11. So okay, I have two exceptions (two self-declared link whores) in my blogroll ... sheesh ... [she looks over her shoulder wondering if it's viral and if so why she's immune]. ;)

  12. Best bet would be to send in a feedback and voice your annoyance over the issue.

    Not really sure what can be done in this case though. I know on the blogs I viewed, not of them really could have been marked 'mature' over the posts made. It's more of an issue of bloggers posting items that others might find offensive. In that case, it boils down to "Don't click through the link".

  13. Actually, I gave Google blog search a shot. I'd just appreciate being able to search easily while still within WordPress. It doesn't seem many people are actually writing about experimental music anyway, though... not real surprising, just disappointing. It's hard enough getting people to listen, let alone write about it, I guess.

  14. There IS some kind of bug with Hot Posts though. It remains essentially stationary for days at a time, while Top Posts and Top Blogs do change quite a lot if you go to the main page. I don't know what it is, but Hot Posts is just NOT dynamic.

  15. Forestneeds, it is a quietly warm day here, bright sunshine and lots of birds. I couldn't resist showing off some of the Eucalyptic arboreal wonders of Australia. I believe in plain speaking so I have titled the post "Crotches".

  16. *Sniff* That's my boy!

  17. YOu know what you could do. Go to hollywood, bop Brittany in the nose, and have it so that she'll never want another picture taken of her ever again. :)

  18. I'm pretty much convinced that this is all a stealth advertising campaign for Victoria's Secret.

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