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    I actually read blogs and I’m a happy camper so I though I’d share my feedback. I have been enjoying reading some of the hot posts of the day. Thanks for the great feature. I also like the way the top 100 has been reduced to show only the top 10 (or so). I also like the growing blogs section a lot too. What do other think of these features?


    i couldn’t agree more. the fastest growing and hot posts is something that’s sorely missing from blogger, and it makes ‘feel’ much more connected than other hosted blogging setups i’ve tried.



    So what do you think of this trial balloon idea [she asked the forum with her hard hat on her head and the face shield pulled down].

    Sometimes people start off blogging at with very few skills and eventually they develop enough skills to download a wordpress blog theme and move to a sub-domain with a webhosting service or to their own domain on their own servers. I’ve noticed that some retain strong connections here and are giving a helpful hand to folks on the forum, long after they’ve gone off one their own.

    So what do you think of having a connections list of the URLs to the new domains maybe published once monthly or something? It would be sort of a goodbye, congratulations on your move and let’s keep in touch list.

    While it’s true that most if not all of them leave forwarding messages on their blogs when they go, sometimes you may not get a chance to read their blogs until they’ve been gone for a month or more.

    If there’s somthing patently stupid, sappy or unworkable about this suggestion please speak up [hardhat on – face shield down]. You see the reason I making it is that before I came here I had no idea at all about what open source was about. Now that I’m beginning to see the light I think the whole concept is worth supporting and that those who are giving freely of their time should be recognized for the part they play in community building.



    They’ve always had the hot posts of the day but in your Dashboard. Yeah now it’s on the main page instead of the top blogs of the day.



    It’s nice to see a longer list of them. It also gives us something to point to when we get the ever popular “What do I write about?” questions here.

    Hmmm, off to suggest that being added to the FAQ.

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