Hot to add meta (Title, description) to the index page

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    Hi all.
    Thsi is my first question.
    I would like to add Metas to my index page, like TITLE, DESCRIPTION, KEYWORDS.

    How can I do this ?

    Thanks for your answers.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but as this is a multiuser blogging platform every blog wearing the same theme here is using the same underlying template. We cannot access and edit templates or themes. That being said, Google made it clear in 2009 that they no longer give credence to meta tag descriptions as there were far to many using them to attempt to game search engine results.

    If you have not verified your blog ownership with the major search engines by using the special process for blogs then please do that now.


    I would like to add Metas to my index page, like TITLE, DESCRIPTION, KEYWORDS.

    As far as i know, you can do it. You can only edit the CSS at your blog (and only if you pay). But you can’t edit these informations that you asking. You can only set tags into your posts at your blog, but i know that WordPress automatically putting your site indexed, so you don’t need to add meta tags and more.


    As far as i know, you can do it

    *sorry, you can’t do it!



    If you could add meta stuff, the only thing that Google might pay any attention to would be the description, which they would use as the snippet in search results, but in my experience, even with carefully crafted descriptions, they will only use it about 40-50% of the time. The rest of the time they ignore it and pull there one snippet out of the body of the page.

    Bottom line: Categorize and tag you posts (maximum total 10 per post) create good post titles with keywords and include keywords in your content (but don’t overdo it) and you will be well received by the search engines.



    We are on the same page. It’s my experience that when one chooses to create an effective title and tagline that are not lengthy those snippets are displayed. If one is smart enough to choose a blog URL, title and tagline that contain keywords that define their branding those are helpful SEO factors too.



    You may also want to read this blog post by Panos, another forum volunteer:

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