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    I am not totally in the know, but people hotlinking files from my blog slows WordPress’ servers down doesn’t it? It’s a bad thing anyway, sureley?

    Is there anyway i can stop people hotlinking pictures from my blog?




    How did you find out people were hotlinking in the first place? I’ve got my pix hosted mostly at Photobucket, so I’d have no way of knowing if someone was doing that with them. Just curious for the few images I host at WordPress.


    if someone’s using your content without permission, you should contact them by checking their whois information. if that doesn’t work, you can file a DMCA request with their host (also available from the whois information, usually listed as the registrar).

    if you need help with this, you should contact staff through feedback. you’re right, it does affect their servers, although unless it’s a really high traffic site, it’s probably not enough for them to notice.


    The incoming links section in blog stats. Just some guys blog hotlinking a file from one of my posts, he does give me credit (although its just an album cover) but i was more wondering about how it affects my blog and wordpress.



    You could always drop him a comment asking him to host the pic himself. If he gets a lot of traffic then yes, it’ll be affecting WordPress negatively. If he won’t host it himself after you ask him nicely, try deleting and re-uploading the pic, since that will break the link. You’ll have to re-post it in your own blog, though.


    I have deleted it and re-uploaded it. But it is still appearing on his site. But according to my dashboard i have deleted it from the servers. His blog only has three posts so i am not worrying, but will be keeping an eye out. Thanks guys.



    Maybe what you’re seeing when you look at his blog is something stored in your browser cache? Try clearing it out and looking again. If you deleted then re-uploaded the pic, it should have a different URL and the hotlink should be broken.



    Since we don’t have limits on how much bandwidth we’re allowed to use and you don’t have copyright of the picture (if you did, that would be a whole other issue) I wouldn’t worry too much about it. You’re not paying for the bandwidth, so he’s stealing’s resources rather than yours, and the impression I get is that is so geared up to cope with large amounts of traffic they’re not too bothered about a little hotlinking here and there. If they did notice a spike in traffic it would be easy enough for them to stop the image being served to other sites, so if they’re not worried there’s no reason why you should be.



    wank’s advice is solid, as it often is.



    Hotlinking, check it and see. I’ve got a picture of…


    I agree with wank. If it really bugs you, do what I suggest to my clients. Change the file name of the picture and replace it with the screen cap of that scene from the first Police Squad movie where the student driver is giving the truck driver the finger. Just make sure that it’s nice and big in size. I’m sure that they’ll get the hint quickly. :)



    Can’t believe no one noticed my music choice for that. Here I am trying to lighten up the chore of providing support…

    And don’t call me Sureley. ;)


    i get what wank says. i was wondering, though, if i get really peevish about people hotlinking to me, then can i set up an anti-hotlinking agenda? i did a google search on hotlinking and there seem to be plenty of sites that offer the blogger the option to check if anything is hotlinked. like:
    is it okay to use the service of such sites or are they con?



    Unless you can put something in that is not javascript, embedded, or other scripting to prevent hotlinking of images, I don’t think there is much you can do about it as strips out most of the scripts for security reasons that I have seen to stop hotlinking of images.



    thanks for the reply.



    Hotlinking’s not as much of an issue here; it’s more of an issue for people who host images at places that restrict bandwidth. It totally took out all of my Photobucket images, until I changed a couple of the images. But that doesn’t matter here, as we have no bandwidth restrictions.

    If you have original images, you can always sign or watermark them with your blog URL.

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