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    I’m sure the answer’s here somewhere but I can’t find it so please forgive the repetition.
    How do I add a description to a menu item that shows up when you hover over it?

    Now this one’s even more dumb :)
    When looking at the queries posted I can only see the latest 30. Is it possible to go to the ‘next’ page or something like that? Apart from possibly finding an answer to any of my queries it means I could go back to my previous queries and close them – at the moment I can’t even find them!

    Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is noelinesmith.wordpress.com.



    How do I add a description to a menu item that shows up when you hover over it?

    I’m not aware of any means avaialble to us to do this.

    All the threads you post and comments you post into threads are available to your in 2 places.
    1. Here in any forum thread you can click the member link under your username and locate them.
    2. On the top right hand corner of every forum page you see “Welcome, noelinesmith” and that’s the same link



    Shame about the hover thing :(

    Thank you for showing me how to find my own posts – and they’re all ‘resolved’ now.


    You can add a description. Go to appearance > menu and then click on the screen options tab at upper right on that page and select “description” from the lower set of items under “Show advanced menu properties.” You can then add a description for each menu item by editing the menu item in the custom menu and saving.

    Do not under the description field the following:

    The description will be displayed in the menu if the current theme supports it.



    Thank you. I’ve tried that now (and I think I’ve done it right!) but it doesn’t work so I assume the Chateau theme doesn’t support it?

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