Hovering menu item makes background image jump

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    I use the default background image in Modularity Lite and I have a custom menu where one of the items has a sub menu. When I hover over that particular item the background image jumps a few mm. It does not happen when hovering the other menu items, and after clicking on the concerned menu item, the background image goes back to normal position on the new page. It is only during hovering it jumps. Very irritating bug. Any solution, anyone?

    The blog I need help with is eternityinmotion.wordpress.com.



    I used Firefox 5.0 and went to your blog and hovered. I did not experience this at all. Which browser and version of it are you using? Have you tried any troubleshooting?



    Firefox 5.0 is actually my default browser, and although I have now reset the program, the issue is still there. I also had a problem with my sub-sub menu, maybe you have seen that thread, but that is now fixed. Now the jumping has moved to merely when I hoover the sub menu item that has a sub-sub menu… Opera has the same issue, while Safari looks just fine. Well, I guess that if the problem lies with my system I don’t have to bother…

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