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"Hovering" text not working for Firefox

  1. On IE, you can hover over an image and see the title (or maybe it's the caption, not sure which feature does that). With Firefox, however, that "hover text" doesn't work.

    Not sure what the official Firefox policy is, but I like that one feature and it doesn't work with FF.

  2. IE displays the text from the alt-attribute as a tool-tip. FF does so for the title attribute. If you want to have a tool-tip on FF, add the following attribute to the img tag in HTML view

    title="Desired tool tip text"

    so it looks like

    `<img alt="Desired tool tip text" title="Desired tool tip text" src="img-source-path.jpg" />

  3. Thanks, big help (seriously)!!

  4. Can hover text be added into a post as text?
    like the a mouse over on the wordpress blog- roll?

  5. delta - is there a reason why the title info gets stripped out of the sidebar? I've tried several times to get it to work and it just keeps disappearing.

    Also - I notice that hovering over the titles in an RSS feed will sometimes show a single line of the content in FF (using version while sometimes it shows nothing. Is this a function of the same alt versus title attribute or is that related to the version of the RSS feed? (I note that IE shows the content when hovering - and actually shows more content.)

  6. Vip, delta, barkybee or any one else.

    Can you give an example of these hover over's in a blog?

    I am looking for something to replace the snap . com windows which I use as
    a glossary/ wiki referral.

    I am not sure if i understand what you are talking about here.

  7. If you are using FF, hover over any of the RSS feeds in my sidebar. (Note that all of them are working now. Seems that the RSS widget grabs the <description> element instead of the <content:encoded> element.)

    Also - I've just discovered that the title info is getting stripped out of ANY of my images, whether I put it in manually or use the Title thingee in the image button.

  8. Vivian: Sometimes the code sanitizing here isn't so sane after all.

  9. Vivianpage when I mouse over your RSS in firefox 3.0, I get a description in some. a full post in one. and some that say %addthis with link addresses.

  10. dlager - Interesting. I haven't installed FF3 yet on all of my computers and the one that I had it on I had to reinstall the OS so I haven't looked at the feeds again since the changes were made to a couple of them. Look at them in IE (I use the FF plugin to render IE) and you get a larger post for each.

    DFT - I know what you mean. Perhaps I need to send that to support. Seems that stripping the title makes no sense.

  11. BTW - I think I figured out some of the title mystery. Seems that if the image is not linked, the title will be stripped out; i.e., if you simply use
    <img src="url of image">
    then the title attribute won't work. However, this does work
    <a title="title" href="url of image"></a>
    Hope that helps somebody.

  12. Oh, and it seems if you add that title attribute to any link, it works, so what dlager was asking earlier is possible.

  13. Somebody fix that strong tag :( sorry. I just wanted to make the word "any" bold

  14. ok,thanks for the info vivianpaige. ...and its ok i can take the harsh text :)

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