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  1. Hi, I have a question concerning the themes. I have found http://themes/ which has a million options for themes. I would love to use one of these. However... I am not sure if I can. What is the deal here? Do I have to use Can I upload one of these other themes onto this site? I am confused about the difference between the different Worpress sites. Any help on doing this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Yes you would have to download software from software in order to use the themes coded to run on it which are the ones you are indicating. Our software here is different. runs on wp-MU multi-user software. Unless or until a theme like the ones you point to is adapted to run here we cannot use them.

    If you have a particular theme you admire you may send staff a feedback and request that it be added. Please be sure to include your reasons for requesting it in the feedback as well.

  3. It would be so easy and the forum would have such less threads if people even bothered to look 1st

    this has been answered dozens... maybe hundreds times before.

  4. you have wings and an halo, TT

  5. posted in error - please ignore

  6. Thanks for the help. I'm VERY new to creating a blog. I feel like I am stumbling through this.. with slow process.

  7. thistimethisspace

    Last year I was stumbling. Not to worry you will soon be up and on your toes. Type "Beginner's Guide" into the forum search box and you will have some help on your way

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