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How 2 add a newsletter link

  1. Hello all! I'm new to the blog/html thing, and could use some help. I'd like to add a tag or widget to my blog that allows for visitors to opt-in to a newsletter. Where can I find a step-by-step process to make that happen? Thanks in advance...

  2. Depends actually. From where are you sending this newsletter from? An online source or something you do yourself. Just for reference, does not have built in support for sending newsletters as they're too easily abused by spammers.

  3. drmike, thanks for your response. I'd like to add a newsletter from or into a sidebar. Each of these provide html code to insert, but I'm getting some 'odd' formatting. See my page at

  4. i dont get what your saying Pverda

  5. How to add a link to a word in a post???????,
    Oh right you want someone to open a newsletter in a code,
    well click link then put http.// the files/

  6. I'm not explaining myself - I'd like to offer visitors to opt-in to an email newsletter from my sidebar.

  7. Oh you want a newsletter on your sidebar, ? use url

  8. Yeah, you're trying to add in a javascript. Those are stripped from all user input due to security concerns. For those services, we usually recommend seeing if there's a landing page on their end where you can point those folks to.

    Hope this helps,

  9. Ahhh. Got it. Well, could I add the html code from the list service provider into the middle of my page instead? If so, how would I do this? Is it as simple as cut-and-paste into the text area? Thanks again...

  10. Is it but it's still going to be stripped, even from a post.

  11. I see. Thanks for the clarification. Based on what I'm trying to do, what would you suggest? Just a link to a landing-page?

  12. Yes.

  13. I would make an "email me" widget for those who want to opt in; have the subject line say "Subscribe" and just put them on your mailing list. There are numerous instructions for making an email widget in the forums. Here's one:

  14. It's a couple of days later and I found out how to do this. I created an account at FeedBlitz and added a link to an external site within a page I call "subscribe" which sends the visitor to another site, but captures their email address for my newsletter. Hope this helps others....

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