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how 2 make my img-header wider?

  1. I'm using the "ChaoticSoul" theme,
    In order to post greater images/photos, i've customize the CSS to a wider format: (from 760 pixels to 1024)
    That's OK and looks great!

    BUT i can't find where (which code it is), how i can modify my header-img (from 760px to 1024)...??

    I've adjust the "760px" towards "1024" in the following: - but no result !!

    #wrapper, #headerimg { width: 760(-->1024)px; position: relative; }
    #wrapper { background: url('images/content_bkg.gif') repeat-y top left;}

    #header-overlay {
    background: url('images/header_overlay.gif') no-repeat top left;
    width: 760(-->1024)px;
    height: 151px;

    Someone can help me???
    THX!, erik O,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm working on the same task. The code for headers is in several locations. This link might help you.

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