How a post appears on the main ‘Tags’ page

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    Just curious whether or not you can change the image WordPress chooses to associate with your post, I usually have more than one but under, for example, the ‘Humor’ tag category it displays a random image from my post, it’s never just the first or the second image, but appears random. I’d like to control which one it picks.Is there a trick to this? The pages on excerpts weren’t very helpful.

    Did a quick search for similar topics but didn’t find any so if there is pointing me that direction is also helpful. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    If you are referring to the display on either the Freshly Pressed home page for which is determined by the editorial selections made by Staff or display on the global tagging pages, then I’m sorry but the answer is no.


    Thanks, was referring to the global tagging pages.

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