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How about a blog about each and every wordpress inhabitants?

  1. Feel free to write nice stuff... err... review my blog! ;)

  2. I am in,but most things are already in the about page just wondering what new you can
    come up with.

  3. I can check my schedule for an interview...

  4. I have a confession to make. This whole time I've actually been Bronson Pinchot - aka "Balky" from "Perfect Strangers"

  5. It's on!

    I posted it earlier (should be at 8.00pm GMT+7) because I got things to do tonight.

    Check out now!

  6. I checked, it was good can't wait for my turn to see what you will
    come up with.Goodluck!

  7. I don't always say nice things, I should tell you. Heheheh...

    Anyway, I've done stalking you. Be patient, Thursday's only 4 day away.

  8. my real name is "Carrot Top" do your worst jom22

  9. That sounds like 'Bugs Bunny'. Is that real name real?

  10. Is "Carrot Top" real?!?

    look these pythons , before you mess with Carrot top.

  11. Yet another asshat...

    People: a) making other wordpress folk despise you is not the answer... b) there is an appropriate thread to plug your blog, and plug your posts.

    Seriously... shameless self-promotion (gotta tell you dlager, I laughed) is never 'cool'.

  12. ok. We are aware that "Carrot Top" was a comedian who played himself as a skinny nerdy kind of skaterboarder in his stand up routine? with a a big head of curly red hair?

    I have reddish hair, but I do not have his money, nor his impressive physique that he has today.

  13. Yes... just found it a lil' weird, is all.

    The vast majority of my previous commentary was aimed at the immediately previous post to my last one.

  14. Carrot Top is a freak, but not a freak of nature.

    Don't worry, w-m, we mostly get what you're saying. What is it now, nine forum posts and only one blog post? Put out for the blogosphere before you expect payback is what people pay me good money to teach them.

  15. i just visited whyisnotananswer and yeah rain... lmfao.

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