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How about a captura on comment submission forms?

  1. Well how about it? I'd think it would considerably cut back on the amount of spam some blogs get. Yes I know there's the option to force people to make accounts to comments but I think that drives potential commenters away.

    Anyone else for this?

  2. CAPTCHA drives potential commenters away as well, and it's been thoroughly busted by Eastern Bloc spammers, who reward people with free online porn for breaking it. Even Blogger is talking about offering an alternative. It really just doesn't work very well, and it discriminates against those with visual impairments, which is a surprisingly large group online.

  3. Maybe a simple math equation then? Like 1+1? That's the problem. As soon as one ati-spam thing goes out it gets cracked days later. I'm really surprised there isn't more methods out there other than just plain filters.

  4. I did like the kitten captcha that came out a couple of years ago: pick out the pictures of kittens, ignore the pictures of puppies. That was amusing, and you could customize it for anything "pick out the octopi, ignore the eels". But since the guys who make also make Akismet, I don't think they'll be offering any alternatives, at least until they make a captcha or something as well.

    On independently-hosted WordPress, of course, you can use Captcha or whatever you like.

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