How About a “flame” or “fire” style?

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    I think that would be really cool… Using like red, orange, yellow, and, black. I
    personally thin k that would look awsome!



    All specific theme requests for existing themes go in to feedback directly. This is what admin has requested. However, as your theme is not specific then it might be a good idea to address it to designers. And as this is a long weekend I wouldn’t expect they would be hanging out on the forum but I suppose you never know. If it’s a just a header you’re looking for you can design your own or find one on the net and upload it into Ambiru, Benevolence, Blix, Connections, Contempt, Neat or Regulus and use the cropping tool to get a fit.



    Agreed. Staff has requested specific theme requests to go in via feedback. You may want to visit one of the theme sites and see if you see anything that you like. Remember, that the themes are not designed my the staff but are open source projects designed by others.

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