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How about we use spam as stats .. .

  1. Stats are great, except when they go down - but spam just goes on and on. I've got about 13,500 after two and a half years - beat that canya?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Cannot beat that. I've got less than a thousand spam after one and a half years. Btw I've visited your blog. It has only 4 posts and 52 hits. Did I visit the wrong blog?

  3. 12,327 I believe, not yet two years!

    Nando, yes, you must have - Peter has a LOT of posts, hits and comments.

  4. Mind you, I just noticed a new approach - videos are being attached now. Sheeesh

  5. I think this is the blog Peter is referring, (interesting blog).
    Hi TeamO! I'm seeing you after a LONG time. Where were you? Or it's just the time zone difference? Nice to meet you though.

  6. I've got 16,926. Yeah, I do like that spam widget that keeps count (And the Dashboard) My next goal for spam is to crack 20000!

  7. There's only room for one Peter in these parts...

  8. No, it is this one!

  9. Hnsaifi, I'm just flat out lately. Work, writing/editing, kids, husband and moving!!!!

  10. Watchit ardo .. I'm here to win

  11. 1803 and I started only a little over six months ago.

  12. My personal blog was founded on April 23, 2007
    Akismet has protected your site from 52,428 spam comments already.

    My blogging tips blog was founded on January 16, 2008
    Akismet has protected your site from 283,785 spam comments already.

  13. Ok timeT , now is the percentage relationship between the number of views and number of spam on each of your sites close?

  14. So TT wins the contest of maximum Spams. :)

  15. I equate spam stats with who discovers a blog and does their evil stuff (no matter how "benign"). A blog may not get tons of readership/viewing but it may be the blogger for who the person may be, that spawns spamming crap.

  16. @hnsaifi
    No. Raincoaster started her blog in February 2006 and I statrted my first one a couple a months after that. A year later I deleted it. I wish I had kept the URL and just deleted the content but I didn't. :(

  17. 2 1/2 years, 22,305 spam attempts. I let a few stay in if they were absurd enough, and I give out "SPAM of the DAY" awards, with the links redacted, on each post, but overall I do not consider attracting this kind of attention to be a positive achievement. The newest kind are spammers who "like" posts and subscribe to the blog. ay-yi-yi...

  18. Why did you name it "Timethief"? It's quite strange name.

  19. She steals time from the rich and gives it to the poor.

  20. Also I just checked mine, 2346 after a year and 10 days.

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