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How add add ReTweet, Buzz, Like, etc, buttons to my blog

  1. I need help adding these buttons to my blog: I would like it so it shows the buttons on every post without me having to add them every time manually. I would like them to appear somewhat like on this blog: but it does not have to look that good.

    If it is possible to add the facebook like button, and the twitter retweet button, etc, please let me know how to do it.

    I do not have custom CSS or any of the upgrades FYI.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't know anything about adding a face book button but last week I added a retweet button to my site. The tweetme code for retweeting for me is .......

    [tweetmeme source= "ifantasyrace" only_single=false]

    For you it would probably be [tweetmeme source= "thewindowsfreak" only_single=false]

    All that you do is copy paste this into your html and your all set.

  3. Is there anyway to add the icons that this person has on her blog:

  4. I would imagine somehow its possible. Adding the retweet button is the extent of my knowledge on this subject.

  5. I just did some quick research. Check out this site and you can customize the buttons your looking for.........

  6. Will it work on my blog?

  7. me to thinking the same can we add??i also some digg this,stumble some can we add??

  8. This post contains the social bookmarking options for users.

  9. @thewindowsfreak

    ... the buttons on every post without me having to add them every time manually

    I'm sorry but this is not possible on a blog. There is no way to automatically add social bookameking buttons to each post. We must add them manually. Please see my comment immediately above for the social bookmarking options that do work on blogs.

  10. Timethief...thanks for posting that link on here. I tried for 3 hours today to get my blog to link to my facebook page unsuccessfully and am still waiting for customer service to email me back. I am grateful for the link even if I have to manually link the two daily for now. If you know of a way that the sites can be automatically linked, please advise.
    Many thanks!

  11. I have put the Add to Any widget in my sidebar and it seems to work just fine. Thanks!

  12. @ambissy
    You're welcome.

    Re: Facebook using getsoiciallive bookmarks will update Twitter and Facebook automatically for you and a Facebook "like" button is also available. Some other bloggers prefer to use the 4 other methods found in this post >

    Are you aware of Publicize? See >

  13. @thewindowsfreak
    You're welcome. :)

  14. Ho do I add retweet, facebook button to my page Can anyone help me?

  15. Oke. . .

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