How add an article on a page without it appear on the home page

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    I would like add an article on one page without this article is on tthe home page.
    All the article I write appear on the home and on the good page. I juste have it only on one page

    Thanks you

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there!

    To have posts appear on specific pages, you’ll want to use Category Pages – which it sounds like you might already be doing :)

    The homepage of your site, if it is set to show posts, will automatically display all of your posts – it doesn’t select or exclude specific ones.

    The Display Posts Shortcode might help – you can set a Set a Static “Home” Page (Front Page), and use the shortcode to pull up a list of posts.

    Using the parameters described on that page, you can change the way the posts are displayed, and include only certain categories, which would potentially leave out the posts you don’t want shown :)

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