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how and what are widgets?

  1. how do use them and what are they for?
    how do you check the topics u have started and how do i put a pic on ma profile
    check this blog out

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @yrspire
    Please stop the spamming. You have been previously told not to do this and this is the second time you have done this again today. :(

    Widgets? Read all about them in the support documentation >

  3. erm timetheif
    well i do not read the the rest of the comments
    erm first, i started the forum, so i can write wat ever i want
    if u dont like it den dont read it.
    jus leave me b, as i am leavin u
    u dnt hav to like me.
    its all good.

  4. What I said has nothing to do with liking or not liking you. I do not even know you. Stop dropping a link to your blog into support forum threads. When you do that it' is reported. Then a Moderator has to go behind you and remove the links.

  5. well where then do i promote my blog, i fort dats were u do it
    i c pther doin so y cant i?
    isit because im promotin a christian blog, den wuldnt dat b prejudice?

  6. Look up ^ and find this: Forums ยป Support

    This forum is where we ask and answer technical questions about using software.

    Look here > Showcase
    Plug Your Blog Here
    The Showcase Forum is where we promote our blogs and invite others to visit them.

  7. oh ma bad, ok thank you,
    i neva knew, i just fort u can promote neways
    fank u for ur help
    sory if i offended u
    i've takend correction
    God bless

  8. patience of the gods tt you rock

  9. You're welcome.

  10. @lola
    Hey! It's cool to see your avatar. :)

  11. I've moved this thread to Showcase for you.

  12. @thehline
    Thanks :)

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