How anonymous is my blog?

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    I wish to post a blog on a highly controversial topic. So that I am not harassed, I was wondering if my email address, ip address and other personal information will be visible to other persons.

    Now I am not doing anything illegal, imoral, libelous or anything that can get me arrested or sued. Rather its a matter of posting something that will upset a large number of people because it challanges conventional wisdom.

    I would add that I posted about this topic elsewhere and was harassed and stalked by others. Privacy is extremely important to me for this reason.

    The blog I need help with is



    You email and IP will be visible if you post comments on other blogs. Both are visible to staff. They’re not shown to anyone else.

    Whether or not you assume they’re visible to the CIA, mafia, your boss etc depends on your general level of paranoia.


    Thank you. Peace.



    There was also an excellent article written a while back about anonymous blogging with WordPress and Tor. You might want to do a search for it.



    Note that if you do violate the law, and are charged and end up in court, may be obliged to hand over that data. I’ve never heard of them doing it, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re going to do something illegal.

    You can get around the comments issue by signing out before commenting and using a different name and email. Just register a “for making comments only” email at Gmail or hotmail and do NOT connect that with any other account.

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