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How are blogs financially helpful to creative writers?

  1. 1) not and still have it attached to the blog it's attached to now. Change it under URL on your Profile page
    2) uh...pretty much most of ours do. Check out for a really optimized blog
    3) I'm not answering that for less than $200 an hour, but I'm sure you'll find someone here nicer than me. The short answer is: longer forms rather than short ones.

    I wouldn't worry about the future of blogging. If I were you I'd look at what I want out of it and strategize a plan to accomplish it. You don't need to CARE about the future of blogging unless you wish to become a professional blogger or software developer.

  2. Also: ignore Poppy and pay very, very close attention to Bradthrasher. Read everything he posts at least twice, because that stuff is golden.

  3. Moving to off topic as this is not directly related.

  4. Well, I'm formulating that plan. I'm trying to find out what new tools are available out in internet land. I've been busy the past decade creating a psychotherpy practice and helping people out of the pit of despair. Now I want a bigger web presence. I'm certainly not blogging competition.

  5. ~psychmatters
    Intellectual property rights:
    if you read GOOGLE's TOS, all of it including 'fine' print,
    then read GOOGLE--not WP--Google's AdSense TOS --all of it, and
    then look at the lawsuits Google's gotten, followed by legal EXPERTS,
    I might not look so "deranged"--name-calling SO, uh, helpful
    especially without any Facts CONTRARY to LEGAL community's cites,
    one may come to DIFFERENT conclusion about Rights.

    I have several blogs on Google, each with AdSense --which I
    removed from each after reading some transcripts and LEGAL
    opinion on the cases.

    You can just go with Opinion of someone who used to reply to
    newbie questions late at night with cryptic answers, borderline
    snark, that helped no one, but did get her Google juice --boosted
    her presence on Google/to improve her ranking. No matter to me which.

    WordPress believes
    they don't compromise intellectual rights using: AdSense on blogs.
    I have come to Different conclusion, from my homework. They,
    raincoaster, you can believe --characterization --name-calling,
    their opinion, whatever.

    Entitled to own opinion, NOT entitled to their own FACTS.

    You asked smart wise questions I thought worth answering.
    No benefit to me whether Ignore/believe the 'heads up'
    I was trying to give you. Believe whom, whatever you want.

    Or could do your own homework.

  6. Canadian copyright law also is similar to U.S. --as soon as a person creates their own words for anyone to read, it's their own. And particularily with your name as the author attached directly to the article for the world to see. The author owns it. I believe in Canadian law, there maybe a 50 yrs. initial limit in terms of that ownership. I haven't read the latest changes to law.

    I merely interpret poppy's comments as simply a warning that blogging just simply makes an author's work more prone to plagarism since it's out on the open Internet.

    Brad- Perhaps in the simplest, basic way that blogging can assist professional journalists and writers who seriously write outside of their blogs to earn money, is at the very least, blogging showcases the capabilities of the writer and range of topics that they can /do write on.

    However it is a serious challenge for those formally trained and working as journalists and writers since there is turmoil and restructuring in the publishing industry on revenue generating formats and how writers are paid or the rates that publisher is willing to pay.

    Thx for your compliments, Brad. I consider my writing as secondary skill (that always needs honing0 which has been parlayed within my jobs where like other folks in private and public sectors, a person engages in business and technical writing (not as exciting. Management reports, technical manuals, etc.), as well as writing for marketing and adult training.

  7. Too late --my typos, etc.

  8. pornstarbabylon

    The future of blogging? It's what you yourself make of it. The core of blogging will always be a person, their blog, and whatever nonsense they write. There will always be the newest themes I always find something wrong with. Or the newest invention they claim will make blogging easier. Though it usually screws up everything when most people want it back to the way it was. Think Myspace four years ago. That's how it should have stayed instead of version THREE being forced on us by the end of the year! I still have version ONE!!!!


    But blogging is blogging and will stay the same. I recently read an article though saying how blogging has gone down due to Twitter and Facebook. People are idiots if they gave up blogging for Twitter considering the 140 character limit. That's not blogging. That's instant messaging. Unless you only started a blog to waste time and were never serious with it. And Facebook will burn in the pit of hell where it belongs!!! can you tell I'm still bitter that they took my account away??

  9. Wow, an off-topic thread that's really worth reading! Is there a way to make this a sticky? There is some really good info here.

  10. It's a great way to promote/share ideas. I'm reading all day long, whether it be blogs, books, newspapers, etc. I love to read and share my ideas. I like to review other bloggers posts and leave my own 2 cents!

    See a few examples!

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  11. Perhaps it's best not to leave a link signature in a forum that is completely free of them. It looks particularly spammy.

  12. @sawvell

    Please re-frame from posting link signatures in the forums...

  13. I've had about 100 new ideas since starting this thread thanks to this great community. We can speculate but do we really know how blogging will change the way things are done -- things like advertising.

    If you read my recent post you'll see I've been researching the way the internet changes human behavior...fascinating stuff.

  14. countrycinderella

    I have really enjoyed reading this off-topic thread. I was impressed with all the information that everyone has shared.

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