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How are random people finding my blog?

  1. I have built a WordPress blog just barely a month ago and I haven't linked it from anybody or visited / commented on other blogs with my URL attached. It's practically, invisible.

    But how are random people finding my blog and liking some of my posts? I am still in the process of building it and don't really like it to be seen by anyone yet. I don't put tags on my posts only categories.

    Just want to know. Thanks!

  2. You can change the privacy setting if you wish and then change it back when you are ready to

    As for finding blogs, spammers and scammers are always on the prowl for blogs they can try to get their links posted on.

  3. Thanks. I'll make my site private first. Yeah, they look like spammers to me.

  4. I'm not surprised. The make money set have gone ballistic lately. They are clicking like buttons and follow buttons. When you do make your blog public be sure to moderate all comments.

  5. So is there a database of newly created WordPress blogs which they can visit or are they finding me on Google search?

    Just wondering.

  6. If you have not published any content on the blog they can't be using either search or Google search to locate you. But they have armies of robots and they also have human beings who are paid to do this.

  7. Oh shucks, quite scary. Haha. Anyway, thanks. I just don't want to be having false hopes that random people are actually liking my posts when, in fact, they are armies of spam robots and spam people.

    Thanks a lot!

  8. Your welcome and best wishes for trouble free blogging.

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