How are the freshly pressed stories chosen?

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    I’m aware, as my blog is only 4 days old, it’s desperately lacking in material but I was just wondering how Freshly Pressed stories get chosen?
    Do you have to submit a post, or are the posts all read through?

    The blog I need help with is



    They are chosen by Staff and this is covered in the support documentation found at this link Joy Victory, Editor sifts through posts each day and selects posts she likes best for featuring on Freshly Pressed. Other staff members also pick posts, but she is the primary person behind Freshly Pressed. Traffic — or “hits” or “Page Views” — play no part in being picked for Freshly Pressed. It is all about the quality of the post itself. Keeping your eye on these featured posts may help you locate similar blogs.


    But obviously they can’t manage to read through every single post, so it’s complete luck if yours gets read?



    We Volunteers have no further information that we can provide. That support entry states all there is that is known, all there is to know, and all that will be released to us. We aren’t going to be told anything else because if we did the forums would be full of newbies asking for instructions for how to game Freshly Pressed selection system.



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