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How are your stats ?

  1. Hi all,

    I started my blog only last week so I'm very new to this but I'm having fun.

    I'm currently getting between 250 and 300 views a day on average, I think this is quite good (I was very happy with the 26 I got the first day) but I just don't know as I have no experience.

    So, first question is, where were you at at the same time and what are your stats like now?

    Second question is, if any other blogger has any good posts that they want to get a wider readership for then if they are news/politics/economy related I could put them up on mine with credit and link to your blog. I've already done this.

    I don't know if that is the 'done thing' here. If it is then my email address can be found on the Mission Statement page on my blog.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. For your first week? That's not okay. That's phenomenal.

    Please do NOT invite people to repost already-published material on your blog. Google and other search engines hate this, considering it (rightly) spam, and they ruthlessly downgrade both blogs. Over time this will hurt your blog seriously.

    What you can do is write an intro paragraph, take a block quoted snippet from the other site, and link to the rest.

  3. Thanks for that advice raincoaster. I will take it.

    I thought the stats were quite good but I just didn't have anything to compare it to.

  4. Agreed that's quite extraordinary. It took my blog 5-6 months to get 250-300 a day.
    I guess you're getting most of them from social media. A friend of mine has just started a blog at Blogger, promoted it to facebook and his first post got views in million. Same story here.
    Best wishes for your newly started great blog.

  5. lol, hnsaifi,

    I'm not on Twitter, Facebook, or anything like that, I have posted on some large news blogs over years and now I just include a link to a post on my blog if it's relevant.

    Thanks for the insight hnsaifi, perhaps I should get into all this social media stuff, Twitter might be a start

    PS, love the photos on your site.

  6. Yeah, that's fantastic! I think when I started my blog, I only had an average 77 readers/day in the first full month running. Right now, my stats are quite a bit higher than that.

    I think the secret is to remain consistent, to let the reader know that there's something new coming along. I tend to post twice a week, and tell the readers when I might be taking an extended month-long break.

    Second, I think that original content (like raincoaster mentioned) is key. And since I am the only person who really knows my own opinions and takes on things, I try to always provide things, unashamedly, from my own point of view. I run a review site. I figure a simple "read this" or "don't read this" is something a reader can get practically anywhere: twitter, message boards, etc. What I try to do is break things down and analyze why or why I didn't like something, but always digging deep into my own expectations of things. That keeps the pieces unique and approachable.

    in the early going, I have to say posting my own pieces on reddit helped a bit, though I've been getting diminishing returns on that lately. The other thing is for that "One Big Link" to come along. Someone once posted my site on StumbleUpon, and it brought 15K readers on the site in one day. Not all of them stuck around. However, my stats after remained a little higher.

  7. Thanks rooktopia,

    There's alot of good advice in there and I appreciate you sharing it with me.

  8. rooktopia,

    From my own surfing experience, pre my own blog,I always appreciated regular posts (a condition of ever becoming book marked) and also engagement. I always appreciated it when a blog author replied to a comment I'd made.

  9. @theneedleblog
    Hello there,
    raincoaster is correct about duplicate content. See what Google has to say and know that the Panada algorithm works very well when if comes to detecting duplicated content >

  10. Hi Timethief,

    It maybe a little late for that as one of my favourite sites 'Zerohedge' were good enough to post one of my articles as a consequence others have reposted it in full also.

    I can't say I'm unhappy about it but I'll be careful not to repost already published articles myself but to do as raincoaster suggested, short paragraph and link to good articles.

    PS, Stats going crazy, about 700 today and it's still very early.

  11. Admittedly I haven't paid close attention to my stats. for any of my blogs. I'm more interested in where the readership comes from (ie.countries) and referral links, google keyword searches.

    And I'm not really doing much to truly promote my blogs that well.

    Many other things going in life outside of blogs, that are pulling me away: a good thing, actually.

  12. eatingdisorderstuff

    When I first started five years ago, I had probably under 100 views a day . I wasn't a consistent poster, nor was I linked to facebook or twitter. I rarely ventured out to other people's blogs nor did I reply to comments I received.

    In the last six months or so, I've really networked my blog and am now getting, on average, 1000 views a day. I write daily, I'm linked to both facebook and twitter, and I comment on other people's blogs as much as possible, a well as reply to most comments I receive.

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