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How best to go dark for SOPA protest?

  1. @estellevw-Thanks for the offer, but this is the forum. As we are a shared environment, we cannot use that javascript here.

    See here to understand the difference between and the other WordPress:

    If you haven't yet done so, you might want to post it on the forum for self-hosted bloggers using the stand alone version of WordPress.

  2. Thank you everyone for the information links. I did get to check a few. WordPress can always relocate HQ to Australia if all else fails!

    This does need international support.

  3. As a journalist whose editor just assigned her a story about how to black out your website for SOPA, I would like to thank you all for doing my job for me.

  4. It's not only an American issue, although SOPA/PIPA is US based. If you take a moment to read through Jane Well's post and view the video there (the one that macmanx linked to) it becomes all too clear why everyone should be concerned.

  5. Heh. As I found out Saturday for my WordPress for Activists presentation, Occupy Wall Street's official website is hosted in Canada, because of their concern about these kinds of laws.

  6. Alright I'm using the Dust to Dawn theme and none of this is working. Any suggestions for me? Please. I mean I could just make my blog private for the 18th but well that's just not the same.

  7. This works in a text widget on Dusk to Dawn (Safari and Firefox—no idea about IE):
    <div align="center" style="position:fixed;width:100%;height:100%;top:0;right:0;background-color:#000;-moz-opacity:0.8;opacity:.80;filter:alpha(opacity=80);text-align:center;font-size:800%;font-weight:bold;padding-top:300px;"><a style="color:#fff;" href="" target="_blank">Stop SOPA</a></div>

  8. @Bats. This worked for me on a test blog using Dusk to Dawn, with both Firefox and Chrome:

    <div align="center" style="position:fixed;width:100%;height:100%;top:0;right:0;z-index:
    center;font-size:800%;font-weight:bold;padding-top:300px;"><a style="color:#fff;" href="http://" target="_blank">Stop SOPA</a></div>
  9. thank you, thank you 1Tess and windwhistle!!!

  10. The ribbon and the blackout text widgets work great!
    Thank you so much, guys.

  11. My thanks to everyone who participates in the blackout. We are the Internet. We can make a difference.

  12. brainwreckedtech

    Looks like there's no need for a blackout?

  13. brainwreckedtech

    OK, that's what I get from reading Slashdot. Further investigation is that it is "shelved" until "a consensus is reached." Still significant if that's truthful, but the possibility of "get them to be quiet while we pass this" isn't that big of jump to make.

  14. But PIPA is still live. You can use all these suggestions, just change the image and wording.

    Here's my article on the SOPA blackout.

  15. I've written a blog post summarizing a lot of this for newbies. Anyone mind double-checking this for me?

    How to set up your website to participate in the SOPA/PIPA blackout

  16. Hey you know, if you create two text widgets, you can make things easy on yourself. Do the ribbon now so your readers get an idea you're onto something new, and set up the blackout text but hide it by dragging the widget to the very bottom of the page, in the "inactive widgets" section of the widgets page. That way, you can simply switch them out on Thursday morning, and remove the blackout Thursday evening.

    Right now I have this text in my inactive widget:
    <div align="center" style="position:fixed;width:100%;height:100%;top:0;right:0;z-index:100000;background-color:#000;-moz-opacity:0.8;opacity:.80;filter:alpha(opacity=80);font-size:800%;font-weight:bold;padding-top:300px;"><a href="">SAVE THE INTERNET <br />Stop SOPA</a></div></p> <p><div>This site has been taken down in protest of bills currently being considered in the US House and Senate. Called <a href="">SOPA</a> and <a href="">PIPA</a>,<br /> these bills threaten to destroy the Internet as we know it.</p> <p>If either one passes, your favorite sites could disappear forever.</p> <p><hr /></p> <p><p class="act">ACT NOW.</p></p> <p><a href="">CALL YOUR SENATOR AND ASK THEM TO VOTE "NO" FOR PIPA</a></p> <p><a href="">JOIN US</a></p> <p></div>

    You could add the video (using VodPod) to the above, at least in theory. Hope that helps! And thanks for even wanting to support the fight.

  17. Ooookay! Not sure why the codes got separated there, but hopefully you get the idea! :)

  18. People outside the US should bear in mind that the act will

    • Enable US companies to remove any tld (.com, .orh, etc)
    • Ban any US company or company trading in the US from advertisiong on a site they don't like
    • Push for other contries to enact similar laws, as they do with copyright
    • If you live in the UK or many other countries with asymetric extradition, if you post something they don't like they can extradite you to the USA for trial without having to present a case

  19. On top of the fact that sopa will also strike outside of the US, many europeans still have to worry about ACTA. There is even less information out there on acta then there is on sopa.

  20. I uploaded the "Stop SOPA" ribbon, but also assigned it as a background image for my blog. Pretty much makes the whole site look redacted. Feel free to check it out:

  21. sorry, here is just a stupid person concentrating more on writing than on being a part-time coder. is there really nothing that WordPress prepared for the people using WP? no normal button activating a blackout?

  22. There are 81 responses here, including those of staff, saying there is no normal button activating a blackout.

  23. @teeater
    I searched and found these SOPA threads >
    Particularly note what Staff (macmanx) stated in this thread in an earlier comment >

  24. so, dear staff: any chance for a reply why there is no normal button somewhere in the settings/tools list activating a blackout? in order to let the stupid non-coding just writing users deside themselves whether to join? (a blackout btw, not a ribbon stuff)

    I mean, c'mon, you're officially on the list of companies opposing SOPA, there was so much time to prepare...

  25. While joining the protest in any manner is bound to make one feel good, who will see your blackout ribbon aside from your visitors and what impact will it have on them, given they aren't Senators and don't have a vote? It seems that bloggers who are also Americans ought to be focusing more on phoning their to U.S. Senators who have the vote and less on code for ribbons, etc.

  26. Put a Post on your blog with a link or two about SOPA with a request for your visitors to call their elected reps and then make sure that YOU also called your reps - sort of amazing what jammed phone lines will do to get the attention of politicians.

  27. timethief: I mentioned I don't mean a ribbon, I mean a blackout button. going indeed offline for this day, replacing the content with a black screen.

    why? what for? who would see that? how about letting the users decide this question?

  28. auxclass: done that. but since wordpress are among the companies officially opposing sopa according to the news I read, I simply expected that they prepared something for this day.

  29. You said in the other thread you wanted a ribbon. In any case, all the solutions available to you are in this thread, including the ones mentioned on

  30. @timethief Never fear. I did all that (several times, actually) long before I first started thinking about blackout code. I hope I'm not going too far off topic to suggest and as excellent, very easy ways to write to all your representatives, and the president, with a single email. The blackout is meaningless if the folks in Washington aren't hearing personally from their constituents.

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