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How best to go dark for SOPA protest?

  1. raincoaster: quotation from the other thread: "I was talking about doing something that would give the users the possiblility to join the blackout themselves, i.e. to blackout their own page for a given period. and a blackout is something else than a ribbon..."

    if you see asking for a ribbon there, please explain.

  2. @windwhistle
    Thank goodness you acted on political level. Good on you and every other American else who goes beyond the "gimmme a button stage" of protesting and contacts their Senator.

    The blackout is meaningless if the folks in Washington aren't hearing personally from their constituents.

  3. This all came on to quickly for wordpress to be able to react really as they have responsibility for 30 million sites here and if they just dropped some plugin in for use to use and it cause problems with sites, there would be blood running knee deep in the streets. It takes time to do all the testing and security screening necessary to introduce something new, here especially, given that this is a multi-user platform where we all share the same underlying theme and core wordpress files.

  4. @thesacredpath
    Thanks so much for your explanation. I have provided teeater, who has posted into two SOPA threads several times on this same issue with the link for contacting Staff directly in both threads, so we Volunteers don't have to reply to any more posts he/she makes on this issue.

  5. Nothing is preventing you from contacting Staff directly and sharing your feedback with them. Please proceed to do that now. And, as a I have provided the Staff contact link to you in both threads you posted into we Volunteers won't be responding to you on this issue from here on.

  6. Here is a video showing how to do this on a site:

  7. aelizabethwest

    I've put my blog on black, put the SOPA banner someone else posted as my header picture and put the infographic on the page. Thanks for all the tips posted here. I was really wanting to black it out but I can't afford to upgrade so the plugin will work.

  8. That code in that video is not applicable to free hosted blogs.

  9. @aelizabethwest You don't need an upgrade to use the code that was devised here. Simply copy and paste the code into a text widget and you're good to go. It works on any regular, free blog. I've done a post with more detailed instructions: How to blackout your WP blog on January 18

  10. Thanks @windwhistle. Your solution was easy enough for even someone with limited technical skills to follow!

  11. Hooray!!

  12. Hooray!

  13. Thank you, thank you...all of us code challanged bloggers give you a thousand thanks.

  14. For all those folks out there, when you log into your dashboard go to Settings, then select Protest SOPA/PIPA. Once there, you'll have three options:

    1. Full blackout and ribbon:
    2. Ribbon only
    3. None

    A full blackout will black out your blog until 8 pm and will play a ribbon on your blog after 8 pm until January 24th.

    A ribbon only will leave your site "readable" but will place a ribbon in the top right hand portion of your blog until January 24th.

    None is self-explanatory.

    Hope this helps.

    Joe at

  15. @jcdickerson - That's great! I've updated my article to include this information, with a link back here. (People can still use the text widget method if they want to customize the ribbon or blackout page.)

  16. @hasselmann - I'm afraid these plugins only work for self-hosted sites with the software. This is

  17. Adding to what jcdickerson said, you can preview what the ribbon and the blackout sign will look like before picking either option.

    I like the blackout screen--it has a customizable message on it and a video readers can click on. Also, it will automatically appear at 8am EST and go away at 8pm EST so I don't have to manually do that. I liked the prefab mssg, actually---[Your Blog Name Here] Protests The Protect IP Act, in big letters, then the info below that.

  18. I checked out Wickipedia's info and their blackout will be 24 hours, makes me feel a little chintzy only doing 8am to 8pm!
    If I get really fired up, maybe I'll use the windwhistle/panos code after 8pm and at least go til midnight, like wicki...

  19. oops, guess i didn't know how to spell wikipedia...

  20. @Ingridcc I'm going dark at midnight MT and going at least 12 hours. I'll start with our widget thing, let WP take over at 8 am ET, and at 8 pm ET, when WP drops its blackout, mine will continue. Heck, at that point I might as well leave it up for the full 24.

  21. I really want to thank for giving us non-techies some options for participating in the SOPA protest.

    As windwhistle said above,

    The blackout is meaningless if the folks in Washington aren't hearing personally from their constituents.

  22. If you have updated it to a full blackout...then how long does it take before it happens on your blog (since it is now 18th)?

    I have the ribbon, but my blogs are still viewable

  23. Ignore me...just seen that it's 8am EST. So technically, it's only 5ish

    It's the UKness in me

  24. THANK YOU WordPress for allowing us to participate by simply choosing a button in the Settings!

    Question: Will we still be able to access our blogs as admins during the blackout (e.g. to schedule a post or create a new post)?

  25. Yes, you will have full access.

  26. Erm, I still have only a ribbon. Shouldn't the blackout page be there by now? :-/

  27. I'm having the same problem as snailquake.

    I just checked in to make sure my blackout protest was up and running, and I can see my blog? Even when I sign out and view it?

    I'm in the U.S. and at CST. It's 8:39 a.m. right now, here, so, it's 9;39 EST elsewhere.

    This is important to me, and I'd love to be able to fix this, fast. Thanks in advance for suggestions/assistance, et. al.

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