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How best to move a Yahoo domain and relate it to my two blogs already here.

  1. I couldn't be happier with what I have at WordPress. I am linking my account and blogs here to my other sites online. My main question at the moment is: How is it best for me to move a domain name (and site I'm just starting to build) at Yahoo to WordPress? In building my site and blog here (, I've become much more familiar with the software here and like it better. I want to keep the two domains here, and also add one of mine at Yahoo (, and develop a blog for it as well. Do I keep it as a separate stand-alone blog site, or somehow merge it with the two others already here? What are my options and the pros and cons of each?

    With deepest thanks and gratitude,

    Gene (plainsmann)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Gene. Just a thought: how about doing the best of both worlds and mapping only a subdomain to (for example:

  3. Splendid, Airodyssey! I would never have come up with that! A Both/And instead of an Either/Or. That's the ticket. I'll see if I can get the connection set up in just that way.

    My thanks for your excellent assistance in this,

    Gene (plainsmann)

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