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How can a blog be considered private if I didn't set it as such?

  1. I tried logging on and accessing my blog at the below URL, but a notice popped up saying that this blog was set as private, and if I wanted to access it I would have to send a request to the owner. However, I am the owner of the blog, and do not remember setting it on private, so how is this possible? (In fact, I had made a post on that blog earlier in the day.) I talked with my friend, who an Editor for the blog, and she cannot access the blog either. (She also did not set it to private.) Is this a possible hack?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can you try again? There was something going on earlier that caused a lot of us to see that same message.

  3. This is all fixed up now, sorry about that!

  4. Thanks for the clarification guys! We're all good now.

  5. You're welcome!

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