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how can a blog create itself?

  1. OK, first of all...I created a blog, I did that last night. But for some new account, astraith, has another blog that was created a long time ago. And one, have no way of deleting (or do I) and I don't know how this happened. Did my account merge with someone else's?

    Another weird thing is I signed up with [email redacted] but now my email is [email redacted] and that email does not exist anymore. I mean...even if someone grabbed it from me when i stopped paying for my .Mac account, it would be [email redacted] because apple changed it. So...I am confused. Oh, and it wont let me change my email address. Did it last night and no confirmation email sent and i did it again just now and still no confirmation sent. Should I just make a new account, start over...or what?

  2. Did you sign up with a long time ago with a now defunct email address?

  3. I'm thinking that could be possible. I don't remember doing it, though, but I do a lot of things and then forget. Could that be the problem?

  4. Most likely.

  5. OK! I'm a bit lost... Would you like to send details into support and we'll sort you out?

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