How can a notification problem be correcte?

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    One of my “followers”(email redacted)- is not receiving notifications when I post something new. He’s checked his spam folder, but the notification hasn’t been there either. Could you please see that this is corrected?
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    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
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    Thanks. I’ll let you know if there are problems in the future.



    As far as you know, is he the only one not receiving your posts via email?


    Yes, as far as I know, that’s the case. I haven’t checked with everyone–should I do this?



    If you could please check with one or two more folks, that would be a big help. Thanks!


    I have checked with 3 others, and they are receiving notification. Do I need to check further?



    No, that’s fine. I’ll focus on this individual’s subscription and see if I can find what’s up. I haven’t anything specific yet.



    Would you mind asking this individual if he ever unsubscribed from any emails?

    When you do so, you have the option to block all emails from


    I checked with him, and he has not ever unsubscribed. In fact, when he didn’t get notification of my latest post, he tried to subscribe again, thinking maybe something was wrong with his first subscription. He was informed that he would receive confirmation of this new subscription, but no e-mail ever came through.



    It sounds like his email provider is blocking emails from us then.

    Does he have another email that he could use?


    Further question–would it be possible for you to unsubscribe him from your end and see what would happen if he started over again? Who knows–it’s just possible that he did unsubscribe by accident. Just a thought.


    No, he doesn’t have another e-mail. Could we try unsubscribing and then subscribing again? And can you unsubscribe him from your end?



    Sure, would you please ask him to try again?


    Yes, I’ll ask him to do this, and we’ll see what happens.


    Sigh. He just subscribed again, but no confirmation e-mail from WordPress. He’ll check his spam tomorrow (that only shows up once a day). If your confirmation e-mail is in there, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, do we just assume it’s a problem with his e-mail provider?

    thanks for all your help!



    Yes, our emails are being sent, so either it’s being caught as spam, or the email provider is just blocking us.


    Again, just want to say thanx for your help with this.



    You’re welcome!


    Hurray! Your confirmation e-mail appeared this morning in the follower’s spam folder, and he has now asked his e-mail provider to allow mail from WordPress to come through. So hope this will continue to work.

    thanks again.

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