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How can gain followers? And IM?

  1. I have made 4 posts till now and have gained no followers yet, or any comments?
    How can I gain followers from wordpress?
    Also how can get IM on wordpress?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Click the increase traffic tag I put in the right side bar: lots of good info there. Also check this support document:

  3. Is IM only for apple users?

  4. And I dont have any followers yet! Do you think i should create another blog. Could you check out my blog:
    I am still new at blogging and not very good at it. Could you please help me.

  5. Then again also check if you are showing up in the reader, seems to be a big issue, even my last two posts had worked pretty hard on, made sure not too many tags etc.. still a no show!

    This has been all year; have had the blog since february and most of my traffic comes from Tumblr, Twitter, Google and Bing Search engines.. Even WordPress's review for me showed them as 4th on the que of referrers.. So just check is what I mean, Ok?

    Me apparently, I just sit and be real polite and wait and hopefully sometime a Happiness Engineer can check it out...

    Until then I self promote at Tumblr and Twitter (glad I did it all year..).. just as another precaution, craze93 is what I would do as well as all the Moderators ideas of course..

    Sasha, all the best

  6. Thank you, Sasha and 1tess :)

  7. You have a two week old blog - you have not put the Subscribe or Follow Widget on your blog - your Posts are small - you have not much content - it can take 4 to 8 weeks for search engines to index a new blog - you need to blog more - send the URL to your friends - maybe 1 out of 100 will subscribe

    Panic is not a good virtue for bloggers - read and follow the links @tess and others gave you above

  8. You're welcome :)

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