How can get blog images deleted from already deleted blog entries?

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    My ex boyfriend uploaded blog entries and photos in his blog. Now we are broken up and no longer together. I asked him to delete all blog entries and photos related us from there. He said he deleted all. I made a removal request of the cached blog entries and photos for Google through Google webmasters tool. All the blog entries were removed, however the photos were rejected for removal. It said the photos are still located on publicly available webpages.
    My ex said he deleted all the blog entries. which he meant if he deleted the blog entries, then automatically the pictures in those entries would be deleted.

    The pictures are included as part of each blog entry, and now the all blog entries are gone. How can I ask him to retrieve and permanently delete the blog pictures from the blog entries that are no longer exist?

    Please help.



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    Deleting blog entries does not remove any pictures – to remove pictures they need to be removed from the media library also



    thanks, auxclass. now they are all removed and solved.
    I deeply appreciated your help.

    Do you know how to delete my postings and topic of mine here from the forum and also from google search results? I just prefer not to leave my trace here. Please advise..



    Forum entries are forever unless it is a life safety issue – but this forum is so active that this thread will be pushed down several pages by tomorrow

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