How can I a dontate button to a website?

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    how can I link my websites donate button to a processing company website.



    And what is the URL of your website?



    The easiest thing is to create your donate button as an image, place it where you would like and then add a link to it so that clicking the image takes you to a page on your processing company’s site. note, it needs to be just a link to a page (like “”) not a piece of more complicated html.

    How to link an image:

    Disallowed code:

    If you want to link to go in your sidebar rather than on a page, you can do something similar by using the text widget: (note to do this you’ll have to code the html for the link as well as the link to the image by hand or set it up the way you want it to look on an unpublished page/post and then click the “text” tab and copy the generated code from there. Once the widget looks the way you want it to, just delete (or never publish) your test page.

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