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How can I access my blog currently disassociated with my account?

  1. By mistake, I disassociated my own wordpress blog with my account and now can't view it when I log in, even though the blog is still live. Could you please provide me administrative access to my own blog?

  2. What do you mean by:

    I disassociated my own wordpress blog with my account…

    Did you delete the blog? Did you transfer ownership to a different email address (a different account)?

    What is the link to the blog, starting with http:// ?

  3. While playing around with the settings, I somehow deleted myself as an administrator. So even though my blog is live, there's no administrator. And whenever I log into my account, and click on the "My Blog" tab, this is what's displayed: "You don't have a blog yet. You can create one at any time."

  4. I've put a modlook on this thread. Staff should be able to help you. Subscribe to this thread to be notified of a response.

  5. Thanks :)

  6. Hi mhmasood, the blog you linked to is owned by a different account, so you will need to sign in with that account to manage this blog. If you have trouble signing in to that account or can't remember your login details, please go to this link for assistance regaining access to your account:

  7. Hi rachelmcr, the blog was only registered to my account only.

  8. Hi mhmasood, please visit the link below and click on "Need More Help?" on that page:

    You can fill out the form there for assistance regaining access to this blog. Thanks!

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