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    I created a blog McKinleyManor in April this year. I still have the initial activation email, so I know the email that was associated with my blog. I tried to log in and apparantly do not remember my password. I clicked on the Forgot Password option, but never received an email. Not in my spam folder, either. Logically, this would lead me to conclude I had used another email address, which I knew I had not because I still had my activation email. There was another option to get my password by entering my email address. When I entered the email address associated with my blog, I got a message saying there was no account with that email address. Well, there was in April when I created it. I do have one other junkmail email account, so I tried it anyway. Of course it was wrong.

    I am so bummed that I can’t get back in to my McKinley Manor blog. I was ill and on hiatus, but it didn’t seem that I was gone so long my account would just freak out.

    I have since created a username so that I could get on here and post this inquiry. My new username now has the email address that I believed was associated with my McKinley Manor account. So now when I tried to request a password change with McKinley Manor, I did get an email. However it was addressed to The Dancing Gardner. So then I was right! At some point in time my email address was attached to McKinley Manor. Well I have no other email address and I did not get any message that the same email address was being used by another user so . . . . .

    I have no way of accessing my blog because some freaky thing has happened with my McKinley Manor account? HELP! I really want to resume my old blog. Can I some how attach it to my The Dancing Gardner account now?

    I am SOOOO bummed!



    You will need to work with the staff when they reopen the contact form on Monday:

    You are only allowed one email per account and one account per email (you can have more than one blog per account) so if you were able to register a second blog with an email address you thought was associated with the first blog then the email address you associated with the second blog was not really associated with your first account.

    Have you looked at the gray bar at the top of the screen to see if your other blog is under the “My Blogs” tab?


    Hi, thank you for the reply. I did look under that tab with a wistful look in my eye, I’m sure. But there is no blog there at all because I don’t even have one associated yet with my new user name. I tried to use that contact form both at work and at home on several occasions. It always ask me to enter a brief clue about what I’m looking for and then I click submit, but nothing happens. I’ll keep trying, but the fact that your reply makes sense to me makes me feel less bummed. Maybe there’s hope. Since my McKinley Manor userid seems valid in their system, I’ll be very curious to know if they can tell me what email address it’s associated with — since I only have the two of them and neither is working.

    Thank you, again!

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