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How can I access my WordPress blog's main html file? I want to add plugin code!

  1. jennyssongoftheday

    Trying to add the Yahoo web player plugin to play mp3s on my blog. I found the code and I know I have to put it in the site's html right before the closing body tag (/body) but not sure how to find that!? I have a basic understanding of html and for some reason, this is just beyond me and I can't seem to figure it out.

    Where do I put the code!?!!

    (Here are the plugin's instructions..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry, plugins are not allowed at wordpress.COM for security reasons. Plugins are for self-hosted wordpress sites using the software from wordpress.ORG.

    The difference between and

  3. WordPress does provide an audio player though. For the audio files, you can either host them here at (with the space upgrade) or you can play audio files from other sources.

  4. jennyssongoftheday

    Awesome! Thank you.

    I now have the media player working but I would like to also put the song's title next to the play button, on the same line, and also have that title link to the mp3 so my readers can download it. I know how to put in the link but but it keeps showing up on the next line down, not the same line. There is no space or
    code there that would be causing it to do that..... Is there anything I can do to avoid it going down to the next line?

    Hope my question even makes sense. I have had a long day :)

  5. Here are a couple posts by Panos that cover some audio shortcode stuff not in the official documentation, or at the very least explain it more clearly. Take a look at them.

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