How can i access the dashboard ???

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    I cant access the dashboard or write new posts or do anything on my blog i cant even find my blog. It comes up when you type it into google but even then it won’t open the page to even show me what i have already written let alone give me the option to log in. This is not a browser or computer problem as i have tried many different internet cafe’s and even just bought a brand new laptop hoping this would work. Please help as this blog is my travel diary and i am getting real far behind and am almost about to quit!!!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Please try logging in to your blog by using this link



    If you are unable to access your dashboard using the link provided by timethief, you might next try setting up an alternative DNS provider. Here are two free alternative DNS providers to try, with OpenDNS the preferred option:

    Setting up OpenDNS

    Google DNS:

    If you’re still unable to log into your blog, please let us know. Since you’re traveling, please let us know your city/country location as that may have a bearing on the situation as well.



    Ok the link didn’t work but thanks anyway and i have changed to opendns and now everything seems to be working alright so thank you both so much for all your help!!!!

    But now i have another major problem which maybe you can help me with. If you take a look at my blog you will see the order the posts are in is incorrect. And everytime i post a new one it changes again. All my recent posts are being shifted to the bottom of my blog and my old post are slowly creeping up to the top so no one sees the new post and only the old ones because they only read as far as the last one they read and not always to the bottom. Any help with this would be much appreciated

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