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How can I activate Jet Pack's Social media comments?

  1. WP: 3.4.2
    Plugin: Jetpack latest version

    The social 'Sharing' function works flawlessly but the 'Jetpack Comments' using the social (facebook / twitter) options does not function at all.
    I can neither see the social icons nor the comment module which I have seen in screen shots.
    I get a normal WP comment system or the one provided with the theme?

    I am a very new to WP so please bear with me.

    Blog url:

  2. Jetpack Comments are not activated by default. Have you activated the module via the Jetpack section of your blog's Dashboard?

    If you have, would you please give us a link to a post that should be showing the comment form?

  3. Yes, I have activated them.

    Here is a link:

  4. You are currently requiring folks to log in to comment.

    Would you please remove the requirement via Settings -> Discussion so I can take a look?

  5. Ok, that's definitely wrong.

    This looks like it's more than likely a plugin or theme functions conflict.

    Please try deactivating all plugins except Jetpack, and if that doesn't make any difference, try temporarily activating the Twenty Eleven theme.

    If either result in the Jetpack comments form showing, please let us know which one it was.

  6. Ok so I deactivated all plugins and activated the Twenty Eleven theme.
    Neither helped.
    Check this link

  7. It seems to be working just fine for me there, please try clearing your browser's cache:

    In this case, it was one of the plugins or the theme causing the issue. If you reactivate each one individually, you should find the cause.

  8. Ok I will try and get back to you AM Easter European time. Best!

  9. Hi again,
    So the first thing was emptied my browser cache and the jetpack comments did function.

    After that I activated my other theme (Uber from ThemeTrust) and the default comments showed up. Anyway to fix this?

    Alternatively, Facebook plugin works with my theme but I wanted a twitter login option for commenting as well. Is there something you could please suggest?

    Thanks a ton mate!


  10. Ok, in this case the problem is with the theme then, it's inserting its own form rather than using the appropriate hooks for WP's form, so most custom comment form plugins will not work.

    You'll need to get in touch with the theme's developer about this.

  11. Well, that's not entirely true though...the facebook plugin works and when I select the facebook comment box option.... it shows up...

    In which case is it still the theme issue?

    Check this link:

  12. It is definitely a theme issue. They're not employing the standard hook that we look for.

  13. Thanks mate.

  14. You're welcome!

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